Being My Own Force

have to admit that I was terrified when I recently left the unhealthy situation which was pulling me down. I was faced with uncertainty, self-doubt, and the reality that I will be celebrating the holidays by my lonesome. But then again, I realized that I owe this to myself. 

I had to leave the unhealthy situation because I was no longer relying on myself. In fact, it was pulling me down.  

I realized that I had to regroup and think things through. After a few days with my family and friends, I realized that I could become my own force.  

It would be nice to be with someone. The next time it happens, I already know myself better. I have more respect and love to share.  

Indeed, the foundation of a strong relationship is self-respect. I can only give what I already have within me. By making time for myself to realize my self-worth, assess my skills, and design my life with intention, I became self-reliant and ready for anything. 

It is my hope that someday, I will be inspired to conquer new heights and overcome challenges since I was able to move on from a difficult phase. For now, I am simply thankful to have been spared from more pain. I am ready to attract more blessings and embark on a brighter future.