Day 18: #30GratefulDays | Grocery Run


Yesterday, I was craving for coconut water, brewed coffee, and my usual donut. That would normally set me back by Php90. With only Php65 in my wallet, I decided to stop the self-pity party and do something about this craving of mine. I rushed to the supermarket to buy a tetra pack of coconut water, bottled iced coffee, then a honey glazed donut from Dunkin Donuts. Everything cost only Php65, which is the price of the regular donut and large brewed coffee combo from Dunkin Donuts. I finished my snack with my own water from the food court dispenser. It may have been far from my usual luxurious merienda, but it was satisfying. I failed to appreciate the simple joys that a jumbo buko pandan juice and a steaming large cup of brewed coffee could bring. I even neglected the taste of choco butternut donuts, which I can no longer afford because each piece costs Php35. A regular honey glazed donut costs only Php20. This will do for now, and yes, everything was delicious and satisfying.

I should have been more thankful when I was still gainfully employed. Now that I am jobless, it is difficult to enjoy the simple pleasures I had on a daily basis back in the day. Snacks at the mall are a rare treat, and I am living frugally now as I am dependent on what little savings I have left. Rather than seeing this period in my life as a deprivation, I am seeing it as a journey of appreciation and thankfulness.

If you are jobless like me, do not lose hope. Continue living within your means and do not hesitate to ask for help. If you are employed and feeling overwhelmed, think of how blessed you are! Whether you are jobless, employed, or whatever, find your happiness and never compromise your principles. Enjoy the simple things and be grateful. As always, I am only a message or email away if you have comments or suggestions. Let us continue being kinder to each other.

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