Day 3

Artdori by  Aireescreates . Notebooks are both corporate giveaways.  

Artdori by Aireescreates. Notebooks are both corporate giveaways.  

I adore maps. As you can see in this flatlay, I've incorporated some map-themed elements in my #desklife essentials. So when I saw today's #15daysofwritingtrue challenge, I knew I was in for a treat. 

I set my timer for 15 minutes and just started doodling. I mapped my inner thoughts. Most of them were about my new blog. I've always wanted my own website but I was hesitant to get a domain name because I wasn't financially capable to do so. Fast forward to 2017. While I cannot say that I'm already stable money-wise, I figured out that I cannot delay this blog journey any longer. I just have to embark on building my online home now while I still can. 

I'm 30 years old, with a job and a couple of online courses at the moment. My creativity is being sparked by so many elements but my inspirational pegs remain the same. I am thankful to have discovered Arriane Serafico's  Braver Goals  goal-getting workshop while listening to her podcast,  The Purposeful Creative , because this really pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone. As for my discipline with journaling, I credit this to a a creative journaling workshop I attended with AireesCreates. Mind you, I'm not innately artistic, but her method of believing that everyone is an artist  has changed my perception of creativity. Before I knew it, I was already stocking up on art supplies and attending workshops on brush lettering and food illustration. (If you like snail mail, should check out The Happy Mail Project!)


I still maintain that reading is the best form of nourishment when it comes to blogging. When it comes to background music, I prefer classical music and whatever is on the radio. I also like listening to  The Beatles Hour from 5AM-6AM. Yes, I'm a morning person!

Self-expression is a form of self-care, and I look forward to growing as a writer through journaling. I hope that you will also find reasons to express yourself along the way!