I Shawl Return

Yesterday, I just finished crocheting my first shawl. I followed a pattern on Youtube, and purchased the yarn and hook online from The Attic Yarn and Craftery. This is proof that technology and a traditional handicraft can coexist. Online shopping for notions and tutorials have worked for me to improve as a crocheter and become more passionate for the craft.

While most people encourage me to take on more advanced projects such as cardigans and amigurumi, I have happily carried on with scarves because I enjoy crocheting while reading, listening to podcasts, and watching movies. It is quite challenging to follow a pattern while engaging in another pastime. Since multitasking is the way I go, I prefer to work freestyle and enjoy more hobbies in the process.

This is why this shawl is remarkable for me. While it is imperfect, I have followed a pattern from beginning to end. It was admittedly less fun than crocheting while listening to a comedy podcast. However, I realized that I can still follow directions and upskill in a digital medium.

I still have a lot of room to grow, and it is comforting to know that I can make something that it is intricately instructed. I have restored my faith in myself thanks to this shawl.

This won’t be the last pattern I will follow. For now, I am beginning a new scarf using the same hook but a totally new ball of yarn.

Here’s to new skills and beginnings!