Clean Break Laundry: A Charity that Provides a Fresh Start

Most of us take the fact that we have freshly-laundered clothes very morning for granted. It is already so basic that it is difficult to imagine not wearing anything clean when we prepare for work or school each day. However, some people do not have access to clean clothes. They have to make a choice between eating a warm meal or washing the few garments that they have. The obvious choice is to eat, so laundry becomes a luxury to those whose fundamental needs are not even met each day. This is why Canadian charity Clean Break Laundry has chosen to provide free laundry services to those who need it most. It is based in Toronto and was crowdfunded earlier this year. One of its founders, Abby Bernardez, has a full-time career in the medical field but she felt moved to start this initiative after reading about Pope Francis' free laundromat in Rome. Since then, she has gathered her friends to crowdfund this movement. She has also partnered with The Lost Sock, the laundromat which was willing to host their initiative on a Saturday, no less. They have managed to raise $625 out of their $500 goal, and they are set to hold their Free Laundry Day on the 13th of May, 2017, from 6am to 9am. 

Indeed, it is a literal way to provide a clean slate to those who are probably losing hope!

Image from The Clean Break TO's  Instagram page

Image from The Clean Break TO's Instagram page

While they have already surpassed their funding goal, they are still accepting donations. What is admirable is how Abby and her friends are not stopping here. If there is a way to continue this initiative or to scale it up, they are willing to do so. It is notable though that this is a volunteer movement, and that it is done purely to help the homeless and the needy. 

I hope that there is a similar endeavor here in the Philippines. We have heaps of ways to help those who cannot even meet their basic needs. Let's start with a small effort today. After all, good karma is always in style.