Recession Coffee Flat White


A and I thought that Recession Coffee's "pay-what-you-can" scheme for their EDSA BDG brews is genius. It is the perfect opportunity to experience astounding coffee (we had Dark Matter Theory Flat Whites!) at a price you nominate. So whether you have budget for a third wave cuppa or you can barely keep up with your expenses, remember that this gem in Eastwood Mall is there to be your sanctuary from mediocrity. The best part is that it is within your reach. Just make sure to pay more when you already can. 


SGD Etag Carbonara and SGD Black Coffee


I am having breakfast again at SGD Coffee and I am officially in love with this cafe. It is perfect for finding your bearings after a chaotic week or a long night. In my case, I am feeling under the weather and I need a hug in a mug (or in this case, on a plate and a cuppa!).

 I ordered their etag carbonara and black coffee. Etag  is traditional Sagada smoked pork. It's a marriage between bacon and asado, and it is yummy with their tangy, yogurt-based white sauce. The country bread is freshly baked and balances the myriad of flavors in the pasta. Meanwhile, the SGD black is best enjoyed as is.

I cannot wait to try the more of SGD's soul food and coffee!