Italianni's Smoked Salmon Sandwich

One of my favorite sammies is the Smoked Salmon from Italianni's. Think juicy salmon + cream cheese + Italian truffle fries (a.k.a. potato chips). It is a dependable classic and goes well with any soup of the day.


It is the ideal pick-me-up during a lazy bedweather day. The flavor and serving size are perfect for one hungry girl.


Next time you find yourself at Italianni's, try this sammie and you won't be disappointed!

Via Mare Puto Bumbong

Puto bumbong is my favorite glutinous rice cake. It is a Christmas staple in the Philippines, but I eat it all year round at Via Mare. Their version is follows the traditional recipe, and serves two rice cakes with muscovado, melted butter, and shredded coconut.


I enjoyed drawing this because of the lovely mix between the purple rice cakes and melted butter. 💜💛 


It definitely tastes like Christmas, even in the heat of summer. Go ahead and try it!

BookBrekkie: Oinkster Toasted Naked Longganisa

My favorite naked longganisa from Breakfast Bin can also be savored at their sister resto Oinkster, which is also along Maginhawa. Compared to Breakfast Bin's narrow interior, Oinkster's ambience is geometric-inspired, with prism lamps and pattern tiles. Their loft-type place can accommodate more people, which is ideal for us all-day-brekkie fans!


As always, their naked longganisa does not disappoint. I always enjoy it with brown rice and coffee, making it my go-to afterburn meal on weekends.  


I'm currently reading Boost Your Creative Intelligence by Harry Alder. With a self-explanatory title and a straightforward brekkie, I really couldn't ask for more.