KopiRoti Set B

I have been a KopiRoti fan since I started working in 2009 and I am still enjoying their Set B. It consists of soft boiled eggs, kaya toast, and kopi. It is comforting and filling, which is perfect as a post-workout meal. I will definitely come back for more Set B good vibes next time!


Recession Coffee Flat White


A and I thought that Recession Coffee's "pay-what-you-can" scheme for their EDSA BDG brews is genius. It is the perfect opportunity to experience astounding coffee (we had Dark Matter Theory Flat Whites!) at a price you nominate. So whether you have budget for a third wave cuppa or you can barely keep up with your expenses, remember that this gem in Eastwood Mall is there to be your sanctuary from mediocrity. The best part is that it is within your reach. Just make sure to pay more when you already can. 


SGD Etag Carbonara and SGD Black Coffee


I am having breakfast again at SGD Coffee and I am officially in love with this cafe. It is perfect for finding your bearings after a chaotic week or a long night. In my case, I am feeling under the weather and I need a hug in a mug (or in this case, on a plate and a cuppa!).

 I ordered their etag carbonara and black coffee. Etag  is traditional Sagada smoked pork. It's a marriage between bacon and asado, and it is yummy with their tangy, yogurt-based white sauce. The country bread is freshly baked and balances the myriad of flavors in the pasta. Meanwhile, the SGD black is best enjoyed as is.

I cannot wait to try the more of SGD's soul food and coffee! 


SGD Omelette and Black Coffee

I just had the freshest veggie omelette I have ever had here at SGD Coffee. Thanks to a navigation app, I was able to find this gem of a cafe near the Maginhawa foodie area. I was hungry from my workout, so I was keen to try a heavy breakfast in a place I have never been to before. Good thing I have decided to eat here because it has a rustic mountain feel which instantly sets the mood for chilling out and slowing down. 


Their SGD Omelette is to die for. It has fresh vegetables and three eggs, and even their basil is otherworldly. I am not used to eating veggies this fresh and crisp. It is worth the price of Php230, which includes this cup of SGD Black. 


It is the type of black coffee which you do not tamper with milk and sugar. It is that awakening and smooth. This is coffee in HD. 


This place needs more love! Do visit them at 45 Maalalahanin Street, Teacher's Village, Quezon City. They also have a dreamy Instagram account. Do visit them soon and try their food and coffee!

BookBrekkie: Oinkster Toasted Naked Longganisa

My favorite naked longganisa from Breakfast Bin can also be savored at their sister resto Oinkster, which is also along Maginhawa. Compared to Breakfast Bin's narrow interior, Oinkster's ambience is geometric-inspired, with prism lamps and pattern tiles. Their loft-type place can accommodate more people, which is ideal for us all-day-brekkie fans!


As always, their naked longganisa does not disappoint. I always enjoy it with brown rice and coffee, making it my go-to afterburn meal on weekends.  


I'm currently reading Boost Your Creative Intelligence by Harry Alder. With a self-explanatory title and a straightforward brekkie, I really couldn't ask for more. 

Where's Marcel? Flat White

I wanted both coffee and a different environment for lunch. I wanted to go somewhere I have never been to so I decided to go to Where's Marcel?, an Aussie third wave cafe along Pearl Drive. I ordered a flat white and sat by the shared meeting table, which was inspiring to say the least. 

Flat white and feels

Flat white and feels

The flat white was satisfyingly awakening, as far as single origin blends go. I was fascinated by their ambience, so I whipped out my Traveler's Notebook and sketched using ordinary ballpoint. The exercise was soothing and relaxing.  

We all need to visit a new place every once in a while. Where's Marcel? certainly did not disappoint! I will definitely be back, as I was intrigued with their bulletproof coffee.