Round Robin Cafe's Salmon Carbonara and Key Lime Pie


I have always enjoyed eating at Round Robin Cafe in Maginhawa. They have recently moved to a bigger and more chic location, which made me more relaxed as I had dinner with A and my uncle. We all had light fare, and my personal favorite always wins whenever I am here. I can never dine here without having their salmon carbonara.

Their version of this classic pasta dish is very light and not cloying. It is comfort food without the guilt. I had to cap off the night with my favorite dessert there, which is their key lime pie. 


Their take on the key lime pie is surprisingly good. They used a cheesecake base, which offset the tangy lime flavor. Everything in the cafe is homemade and they use fresh ingredients, so this baby does not taste artificial or too zesty. In fact, it is just right.  

They also have great coffee and fast internet. If ever you want to chill and spend a slow, light meal with your loved ones, go to Round Robin! You won't regret it.  

BookBrekkie: Oinkster Toasted Naked Longganisa

My favorite naked longganisa from Breakfast Bin can also be savored at their sister resto Oinkster, which is also along Maginhawa. Compared to Breakfast Bin's narrow interior, Oinkster's ambience is geometric-inspired, with prism lamps and pattern tiles. Their loft-type place can accommodate more people, which is ideal for us all-day-brekkie fans!


As always, their naked longganisa does not disappoint. I always enjoy it with brown rice and coffee, making it my go-to afterburn meal on weekends.  


I'm currently reading Boost Your Creative Intelligence by Harry Alder. With a self-explanatory title and a straightforward brekkie, I really couldn't ask for more.